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EstimatorRoof is a roof estimating software package to enable roofers, builders, architects, quantity surveyors and loss adjusters to quickly create roof estimates and parts lists for roof fitment and roof replacement. This covers fit and strip-and-fit roofing - it does NOT design the roof trusses.

This product is a roof tile estimator (pitched roof) and a flat roofing estimator in one. It will estimate for almost any roof shape and provide a full parts list and labour breakdown. Completely standalone roof calculator - does not need Internet.

EstimatorRoof calculates the actual parts required - it does not base its calculations on square meterage. This makes it far more accurate than other estimators. This means less wastage, less risk of a parts shortfall (time wasted on site) and more confidence in the estimates.

Roofing estimation can be time-consuming and error-prone. EstimatorRoof takes the guess work out of roofing estimation.

Parts lists are shown per roof face and in total for Tiles, Shingles (asphalt and cedar), Ridge tiles, Hip Bonnets, Valley tiles/trays and Ridge tiles, Tile-and-a-halfs, Top and Eave tiles, Felt rolls, Lead rolls, Batten lengths (horizontal and vertical), Overboards, Labour and Skips. Labour is broken down per part type so you may apportion the work to the most appropriate roofers in your team.

Although not required, if you have Microsoft Office installed EstimatorRoof can send the results to Excel providing an estimate with full parts breakdown in Excel where you can analyse it at your leisure. EstimatorRoof's results screen will show a full breakdown of parts - Excel is not required to see or analyse the results in EstimatorRoof.

EstimatorRoof works completely stand-alone. It does not require an Internet connection so you can take it anywhere with you, even put a quote together in your van.

Most roofers we talk to still estimate the difficult way using square-meterage and pen and paper. Many don't realise that software such as this, once learnt will make their estimates far easier to produce, will be more accurate and time spent esimating will be significantly reduced. Unlike our competitors' products this one only asks the questions it needs for roofing. Please see the Gallery and Video links at the top of this page for more details. Try this software now - free 30-day trial. We won't pester or call you. You have nothing to lose!

Please note you must enter and maintain your own parts and prices. We can assist you in bulk-loading your parts and prices. There are sample parts with prices included to get you started.

Pitch angles can be used as well as rafter runs to specify the roof dimensions. There is a Roof Calculator to convert between pitch angles and rafter runs/spans. Roof pitch angles are checked against tile pitch angles to ensure they are not used outside of specification.

This roof estimator has over 30 configurable parameters to fine tune the estimates. You may adjust any of them to suit your labour times and rates.

Significantly reduce the time you take to calculate roof estimates from hours down to minutes. Roof estimating in minutes. Measure the roof, enter the dimensions into the roof estimator and click Estimate. Take the stress out of calculating roofing estimates now ! Get your roofing estimates the easy way. EstimatorRoof is easy to use, takes minutes to setup and provides all the details for a professional roofing estimate. Roof estimating software has never been so easy to use. Take the easy route for roof bidding and pricing.

Product upgrades and email support are free - most other vendors' products have expensive annual renewal fees.

Try before you buy - 30 day trial download. Click the Download button.

Click the Video and Gallery buttons at the top of this page for videos and screenshots.

Click EstimatorRoof purchase to purchase a license or to see volume discounts and alternative payment methods.

Please email for any further information.

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